We Dress Hire NZ Ltd, try to ship items as early as possible for the coming week/weekend to ensure your garment arrives 1-4 days prior to your event date. We send our garments on an overnight courier usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for that coming week/weekend depending on availability when most hired garments are returned and have been drycleaned overnight. 

We will email you in the very rare instance if there is any disruption with your order. Usually you will receive your garment 1-4 days before your selected date.

For girls placing orders on Wednesday after 12pm/Thursday before 12pm, your garments will be shipped out on Thursday on an overnight courier to receive your garment on Friday.

For mid-week hires (Monday-Thursday) you will receive your garment 1-2 days before your selected date (sometimes the morning of depending on availability with midweek hires - please state if you are needing your dress the morning of your event and we will do our best to send your garment to you before the morning of depending on availability).

All weekend hires for the coming Friday/Saturday must be placed before 12pm Thursday to ensure it makes our courier cut-off time (Unless choosing Saturday Delivery).

Saturday Delivery is available for orders placed for the coming weekend, on a Thursday after 12pm/Friday before 12pm.

Please leave a note at checkout if you are needing your garment specifically before the selected date (e.g. you are leaving that morning so need the dress to arrive the night before) and we will do our best to ensure the garment will arrive to you on time. In the very unlikely event that there is a delay in processing with our Courier Company, we do not offer refunds if your dress arrives on your targeted event date if we are not aware you are needing your dress before 12pm of your event date. However, we do offer store credits if we are made aware of this and there is an unlikely delay in processing due to external factors.



All parcels are shipped via NZPost and Courier Post. We offer overnight tracked shipping for $9.99 including a prepaid, prefilled return satchel.

Your tracking number will be sent to you via email when your item has been packaged by us. Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number via theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz 

We ensure we send all garments on overnight tracked shipping at least one day in advance to make the certain overnight guidelines via Courier Post.

Overnight shipping is estimated to be overnight. Although rarely there are delays in meeting this estimate, therefore overnight tracked shipping cannot be 100% guaranteed to be delivered the following business day and may take two business days depending on processing.

To track your item please click the tracking link in your email.

Shipping delays may occur. If your item has been delayed, please contact NZ Post/Courier Post on 0800 268 743. Do not enter the tracking number when prompted, select the option to connect you to a representative.

We ask that receivers contact Courier Post for delays in shipping/processing issues as sometimes depot pick-ups can be arranged. We are not liable for communications between our customers and Courier Post. Although in some circumstances we may try and assist, this does not make us liable for the communication involved.

We, Dress Hire NZ Ltd are not liable for postal faults, attempted deliveries, delays in processing, delays due to re-directing of parcels, items processing at the depot, or any kind of shipping delay once the item is posted/picked up by our Courier. We do not offer refunds for this in the unlikely case that this does occur. If this does occur we can offer you a store credit minus shipping costs - there is no expiry for store credits.

We do not and reserve the right to not offer any type of refund if the item still arrives on the day of the hire date. If the item has been sent at least one day before the start date of your rental period and the delivery target is set to or before your rental period date we are abiding by our agreement. Although we always do our best to send items early to ensure they are received early or on time. 

*Orders placed on a Wednesday after the courier-cut off time at 12pm for particular next day (Friday) deliveries, and orders placed on Thursday after 12pm for Friday/Saturday deliveries, will not be refunded if they don't arrive in time due to us not having enough leeway for delays in processing. If this happens, we will offer you a store credit equal to the amount of your hire.

By agreeing to our Hire Agreement you exempt us from any liabilities due to these delays. If you would like to pursue legal action for a compensation, please contact Courier Post with your postal details, we are more than happy to assist you by providing to you any supporting evidence where necessary for your claim. However, we as a company will not seek compensation on behalf of you as our contract with them can create a conflict of interest if we directly take legal action against our contractors.