We currently do not offer in-studio try ons at this stage. We do however offer a postal try on option at certain times throughout the year.



We Dress Hire NZ Ltd, try to ship items as early as possible for the coming week/weekend to ensure your garment arrives 1-4 days prior to your event date. We send our garments on an overnight courier usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for that coming week/weekend depending on availability when most hired garments are returned and have been drycleaned overnight. 

We will email you in the very rare instance if there is any disruption with your order. Usually you will receive your garment 1-4 days before your selected date.

For girls placing orders on Wednesday after 1pm/Thursday before 1pm, your garments will be shipped out on Thursday on an overnight courier to receive your garment on Friday.

For mid-week hires (Monday-Thursday) you will receive your garment 1-2 days before your selected date (sometimes the morning of depending on availability with midweek hires - please state if you are needing your dress the morning of your event and we will do our best to send your garment to you before the morning of depending on availability).

All weekend hires for the coming Friday/Saturday must be placed before 1pm Thursday to ensure it makes our courier cut-off time (Unless choosing Saturday Delivery).

Saturday Delivery is available for orders placed for the coming weekend, on a Thursday after 1pm/Friday before 1pm.

Please leave a note at checkout if you are needing your garment specifically before the selected date (e.g. you are leaving that morning so need the dress to arrive the night before) and we will do our best to ensure the garment will arrive to you on time. In the very unlikely event that there is a delay in processing with our Courier Company, we do not offer refunds if your dress arrives on your targeted event date if we are not aware you are needing your dress before 1pm of your event date. However, we do offer store credits if we are made aware of this and there is an unlikely delay in processing due to external factors.



We rely heavily on timely returns; by posting your dress back late you are potentially inconveniencing another customer. No one wants to be left without a dress so please make sure you return your dress on time!

Please return your garment in the prepaid postage slip we provided; all dresses over the weekend hire-period need to be returned to an NZ Post outlet on Monday by 5pm latest.

You agree you will not send a garment back in your own return bag. You also agree you will not send the garment back on standard post, or dropping dresses in drop-boxes/streetboxes as this delays the item getting back us by at least a week causing delays in hires for other customers. If this has happened, you will be charged the late fee of $20 per day as stated in our Dress Hire Agreement.

Please note: If you return your garment late and we see that the tracking has not been activated on the return shipping slip (meaning it hasn't been handed over to an NZ Post counter or picked up by a courier) by Monday 5pm, you will incur a charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) for every day the garment is late back to us, up to 100% of the retail value of the dress as indicated on our website. By hiring off of us, you are agreeing to pay this twenty dollars ($20.00) per day fee. You will be emailed/texted on the first and second day of when your garment is late past the agreed return date. The end of your rental period is stated on the card you receive along with your dress. 

If you return the garment late and another customer wanting to wear the garment for that coming week has to cancel, you are required to pay compensation to the value of the hire fee that has had to be cancelled.

*If you are unable to get to the post shop on business days before 5pm due to your day-time/work schedule, you are able to book a courier pick-up via https://courierpickup.courierpost.co.nz - enter your details and tracking number found on the prepaid return slip and leave the dress in the return slip outside your front door or in your letter box (please specify in the notes where you have left it). One of our courier team will then collect it from your address that day. *If you are choosing this option you must book the courier on the day (the Monday for weekend hires) you are wanting the dress to be picked up before 1pm so our courier company has enough leeway time to process the return. Please do not book a courier pick up on weekends as our courier company does not operate on weekends. 



Our cancellation policy is only within 12 hours since you place your order. If you would like to cancel your order to receive a full refund, you must email us (theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz) within 12 hours of placing your order.  

If 12 hours have passed since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer you a cash refund. 

  • OR if your order has been already shipped inside this 12 hour period, we cannot offer you a refund or exchange, 
  • OR if it has been taken away from our premises, we cannot offer you a refund or exchange.

If your order is for a future date, and we have not sent it off yet, and you would like to cancel your order, please email us on theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz and we will send you a STORE CREDIT of the value you paid. 

Any STORE CREDITs issued are non-expiry.



We do not offer refunds for a postal try on or a booked garment due to 'change of mind', or if you do not like how the garment looks on you -  hiring an item is at your own risk in terms of how it will suit you and the garment's particular fit designed by the manufacturer.

Circumstances at which refunds will be offered are where we have been at fault. 

If the postal carrier is at fault and your item arrives the day after your event date, we will offer you a full refund. *Excluding late orders placed after our courier cut-off time on Wednesday 1pm for that coming Friday/weekend and excluding orders placed with only 1 business day for delivery before your event date. We will offer you a store credit instead of a refund if this is the case.

Refunds are offered in the case of receiving a garment that doesn't match the level of quality that Dress Hire NZ has stated - you must send the dress back within the 24 hour period of receiving the dress to be eligible for this refund, and you must contact us within 12 hours of the garment being delivered to be eligible for a refund. We do not offer refunds if you are still wanting to wear the dress/it is still kept over your hire period. There are no other cases where sent items will be refunded.

*There must be evidence of eligible wear and tear e.g. significant tears/rips in the dress or excessive staining. You must send through a picture of these rips/staining via email so we are able to justify whether or not this is eligible for a refund. We can not offer refunds if you simply don't like how it looks once you receive it. Please keep in mind that although we keep our dresses in the best possible condition we can, due to the nature of a hire company there will sometimes be evidence of general wear & tear on the garments. We will not offer refunds for general wear & tear.

Please note store credits and refunds are at the discretion of Dress Hire NZ Ltd.

Monetary refunds are not given if you use a store credit to place the order - your store credit will be reissued for you to use if this is the case.

If your dress arrives and it does not fit/isn’t right for any reason then please send the dress back to us in the return satchel within 24 hours of delivery and contact theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz to let us know you have sent it back as soon as possible. We will issue a store credit for the hire amount minus shipping costs. The dress must be unworn and in original condition.

Orders that are classified as rural under the NZ post system, and rural delivery was NOT paid for, will not get refunded if it does not arrive on time. Please make sure you select the rural delivery option at checkout.

The same goes for company addresses, if the company name is not entered at checkout and our courier company is unsure where to drop the dress (causing a delay in processing), we do not offer refunds for this as it is the customer's responsibility to enter the correct information at checkout.

**All refunded rentals MUST be returned to Dress Hire NZ Ltd on time (within 24 hours of receiving the garment) to be eligible for this refund, and are still bound to our Dress Hire Agreement until the garment has been returned in original condition.



If a garment does not fit/doesn't look right and is sent back to us within 24 hours of receiving the package, we can offer a full store credit equal to the amount of your hire fee. There are no expiry for store credits.

*Please note that store credits are only to be used by the customer we address these too - these can not be passed onto friends/relatives to use. If we see this has been done, we will not be sending the garment.



The payment methods offered by Dress Hire NZ Ltd through our secure checkout system includes:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • ZipPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Shopify Pay
  • Google Pay
  • AfterPay
  • ZipPay
  • Laybuy
  • Genoapay



All parcels are shipped via NZPost and Courier Post. We offer express tracked shipping including a prepaid, prefilled return satchel.

Your tracking number will be sent to you via email when your item has been packaged by us. Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number via theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz or check your spam/junk folder.

We ensure we send all garments on overnight tracked shipping at least two days in advance to make the certain overnight guidelines via Courier Post.

Overnight shipping is estimated to be overnight. Although rarely there are delays in meeting this estimate, therefore overnight tracked shipping cannot be 100% guaranteed to be delivered the following business day and may take two business days depending on processing.

Due to Courier Post being a third-party company and not part of Dress Hire NZ, if there is a delay in your parcel please do not contact us, contact Courier Post directly on 0800 501 501 to speak with a representative to query your parcel.

To track your item please click the tracking link in your email.

We, Dress Hire NZ Ltd are not liable for attempted deliveries, delays in processing, delays due to re-directing of parcels, items processing at the depot, or any kind of shipping delay once the item is posted/picked up by Courier Post. However if your garment arrives the day after your event date due to a postal delay, we will offer you a full refund. 

We do not and reserve the right to not offer any type of refund if the item still arrives on the day of the hire date. If the item has been sent at least one day before the start date of your rental period and the delivery target is set to or before your rental period date we are abiding by our agreement. Although we always do our best to send items early to ensure they are received early or on time. 

*Late orders placed for the coming weekend on a Wednesday after 1pm, Thursday or Friday will not be refunded if they don't arrive in time due to us not having enough leeway for delays in processing. If this happens, we will offer you a store credit equal to the amount of your hire.



The customer is unable to alter or customize the garment in any way once receiving the garment. This includes fashion/sticky tape on delicate fabrics such as silk and viscose, sewing/thread for sewing and altering straps, or safety pins in delicate fabrics as this leaves holes. This is only if the garment is delicate in which case we will send you a card along with your dress awaring you of this. If we find there has been alterations made, we will charge a fee accordingly.

You agree to treat your hired garment(s) with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. If the garment fails to be returned or is damaged/damaged beyond repair, you will be held accountable and required to pay for loss, destruction or damage to the garment(s). This may be due to theft, stains, pulls & tears, major stains, disappearance, or any other occurrences that may result in the product being unusable, based on our Dress Hire NZ standards. You are required to pay compensation in order to replace or repair the damage the item to original condition suitable for hiring. Not following instructions such as cleaning instructions, return instructions or item care instructions authorises us to charge for repair/replcement compensation.

We Dress Hire NZ Ltd can provide receipt of purchase to show the value of the item as to determine suitable compensation from you as the hiree. Items that must be entirely replaced can be subject to compensation up to and including the full retail price of the garment.

By hiring a garment from us, you hereby authorise Dress Hire NZ Ltd to charge the full price retail value + any import taxes + shipping when replacing the rented garment, if any of the listed above damages or thefts occur. If the item is unable to be replaced, we will still require these same costs.

The applicable costs will be determined fairly at the discretion of Dress Hire NZ Ltd based upon: It's ability to be hired again, the degree of damage to the garmemt, how much the garment will cost to repair/clean and future hire loss.



All parcels sent will receive a shipping confirmation email along with a tracking number letting you know you will receive your dress the next morning. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure someone is at the premises to collect the parcel. If your parcel has been delivered to your address, and you were not there to collect it and it gets lost/stolen from your property, the customer is liable to pay for the replacement of the garment at the retail cost if Courier Post are unable to locate it.

If the garment does not return back to us within 2 weeks, and we have tried to contact you numerous times through email, text, or phone call and we receive no reply, you will receive an invoice for these costs when the item is not returned on time. If you, the hiree, fails to pay these charges you authorise Dress Hire NZ Ltd to seek the described amendments (for example but not limited to, the full purchase price of an item). Methods can include debt collection agencies. Hirees must also cover the cost of debt collectors should we need to use them.

Dress Hire NZ Ltd also reserves the legal right to take all steps necessary to receive the required compensation or fees required by breaking these terms & conditions outlined in this Dress Hire Agreement, including but not limited to: legal action.



Prices for our garments are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the product without notice at any time.
We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change or discontinuation for this product.



Dress Hire NZ Ltd does offer extended hire if you would like to purchase this for longer than one weekend. The cost of an extended hire will be the original hire fee plus only $50 more! If you're interested in an extended hire on a garment please contact us via theteam@dresshirenz.co.nz



At Dress Hire NZ Ltd we have strict quality control measurements and always ensure our garments are in amazing condition. We iron, steam, pamper and preen every garment before sending off to the next customer. We agree to deliver the correct garment booked in the correct sizing, colour and arrive to you before or on the date you have selected.



Once the garment has been delivered, you are solely responsible for it's safety - please look after the garment as we pride ourselves in keeping them immaculate for the next customer to enjoy.

You, the Hiree have an obligation to (but not limited to):

  • Take care of the garment to the best of your ability.
  • Do not alter or wash the garment.
  • Pay compensation when required by breach of our Dress Hire Agreement which you agreed too by clicking "I have read, understood, and agreed to your Terms and Conditions" at checkout.
  • Return the garment on time.
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