Discount Codes:

All personal codes are valid for 3 months from the set date. Discount codes will not be valid if purchased after 3 months.


Pick Ups/Drop Offs:

Dress Hire NZ does offer to pick up and drop off your garment outside our studio at the front door - please do not leave them in the letterbox. To pick up you will see a brown paper bag with your name on it outside our front door, this will be your garment to collect. We usually prefer if you pick up your garment a day or two before your event.

Please note if you choose the pick up/drop off option the same rules still apply - you will need to return the garment the following business day (usually the Monday) after the date you choose to wear it outside our studio door. 

*We don't do pick up/drops off on the weekend.


Try Ons:

We do not offer try-ons at this stage.


Dress Hire Arrival Time:

Our dresses are usually hired over a weekend (Friday-Sunday). They get couriered back to us on a Monday which we receive them back on the Tuesday. We then wash these dresses (whether it be dryclean overnight or hand wash) and let them dry overnight. 

We ship your dresses on a Wednesday on an overnight courier for you to receive them on a Thursday, in time for your weekend rental - this also gives us a bit of leway if Courier Post is delayed for some reason so if that's the case you'll receive your dress on Friday latest.

For mid-week (Monday-Thursday hires) you will receive your garment 1-2 days before your selected date.


Extended Hire:

Dress Hire NZ does offer extended hire if you would like to purchase this for your holiday away/overseas or longer than one weekend. The cost of an extended hire will be the original hire fee plus only $50 more! If you're interested in an extended hire on a garment please contact us via


Dress Hire Returns:

We rely heavily on timely returns; by posting your dress back late you are potentially inconveniencing another customer. No one wants to be left without a dress so please make sure you return your dress on time!

Please return your garment in the prepaid postage slip we provided; all dresses over the weekend hire-period need to be returned to an NZ Post outlet on Monday by 5pm. If you return your garment late you will incur a twenty dollar ($20.00) late fee for every day you are late up to 100% of the retail value of the dress as indicated on our website.


Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours. If 24 hours has passed since your purchase, Dress Hire NZ Pty Ltd will not refund you, we will offer a store credit to use for your next hire with us. If your order has been shipped within this period, we cannot offer you a refund.


Refund Policy:

If you receive a garment that doesn't match the level of quality that Dress Hire NZ has stated, you must contact us within 24 hours of it's receipt to be eligible for a refund.

If your dress arrives and it does not fit/isn’t right for any reason then contact as soon as possible. Please then send the dress back to us in the return satchel within 24 hours of delivery and we will issue a store credit for the hire amount minus shipping costs. The dress must be unworn and in original condition.

Please note if the order has been placed on a Thursday night or a Friday for the Saturday rental, we do not issue refunds if the order does not arrive on time. This is because we weren't given enough notice to ensure it would arrive to you on time. 

We aim to get your garment to you 1-2 days prior to your event; however if Courier Post is delayed and it still arrives on the same date as the date you picked, we do not issue refunds as it was still delivered on the targeted date, this is because once the garment has been sent off to the couriers, it is outside of our control.

Please leave a note at checkout if you are needing your garment specifically before the selected date (e.g. you are leaving that morning so need the dress to arrive the night before) and we will ensure the garment will arrive to you on time.

If delivery has been attempted but not successful, and redelivery does not arrive at your desired time, we do not reimburse you for this - it is your responsibility to be accessible for the courier to successfully deliver the arrival of your garment.

**Orders that are classified as rural under the NZ post system, and rural delivery was NOT paid for, will not get refunded if it does not arrive on time. Please make sure you select the rural delivery option at checkout.

Garment Hygiene:

If the garment does not return back to us in a usable state, or damage beyond normal wear and tear, you hereby authorize Dress Hire NZ Pty Ltd to charge your credit card a charge 100% of the retail value of the rented garment.

If the garment returns back to us in an unacceptable state, there may be an extra dry-cleaning charge of $15. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are allowing the team at Dress Hire NZ Pty Ltd to charge you for this.