Table of Contents
  • Basic Rules/Dress Hire Agreement
  • Dress Hire Arrival Times
  • Garment Descriptions
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Garment Care
  • Item Care & Damages
  • Dress Hire Returns
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • How We Ship
  • Shipping Options
  • Delays/Issues with Courier Networks
  • Refunds on Orders Not Arriving on Time
  • Theft or Unpaid Damages
  • Bulk Hires
  • Banning Customers
  • Modifications to our Website
  • Our Commitment to You
  • The Customer's Obligations
  • Payment Options



This website is operated by Dress Hire NZ Ltd. Throughout the site, the terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to Dress Hire NZ. Dress Hire NZ offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.

By visiting any aspect of and/or purchasing something from us, you engage in our "Service" and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service", "Terms" AND "The Dress Hire Agreement"), including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/or contributors of content.
We reserve the right to alter and add to our hire terms and conditions as required. Any changes published will be effective immediately. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring they're aware of the latest terms and conditions published on our website.
Placing an order of any sort automatically binds you to these terms & conditions.


When you hire a garment from Dress Hire NZ, you are granted the right to wear one of our stunning pieces for a specified duration of time, as outlined in your confirmation email and our system. The Dress Hire Agreement is between Dress Hire NZ and the Hiree, whose name is listed on the agreement.

Please note that the hired garment is for your use only and cannot be shared with others while in your possession.

By hiring from Dress Hire NZ, you agree to the Dress Hire Agreement, which includes the hire period, item details, size, condition, and the date and condition by which the item must be returned.

Once the agreed-upon hire period has ended, your right to the garment also ends. You must return the garment by the hire expiration date (the last day of your hire period). If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for late fees.

Please be aware that the Hiree is liable for the garment from the time it is received until the time it is returned to Dress Hire NZ's doorstep. As a secure location, our doorstep is the only acceptable place for returns.

It's important to recognize that Dress Hire NZ owns all hired garments at all times, and you are simply "borrowing" the item. Therefore, all garments must be returned, and on time.

If you violate the terms and conditions, Dress Hire NZ may seek to recover damages, including the full purchase price of the item. Debt collection agencies may be employed at the Hiree's expense.

By signing the Dress Hire agreement, the Hiree acknowledges and agrees to abide by these rules and regulations.



We understand the importance of timely delivery and aim to ship our garments as early as possible for the upcoming week/weekend. Our shipping operations are limited to weekdays, aligning with the schedule of NZ Post, unless a Saturday delivery option is chosen during the checkout process.

Garments are typically posted 2-3 days prior to your hire start period, unless in the circumstances of a late order. For weekend orders we ship on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

If you are needing your garment early on the morning or the days prior before your event (for example, you are travelling early to your event) please choose a hire start period of this date. We do not offer refunds in the event the garment does not arrive in time if we are not notified of these circumstances.

Extended hires (5-6 days) can be booked for extra security & to receive the item early.

For all Friday/Weekend hires, orders must be placed by Wednesday 2PM, unless Saturday delivery is chosen. Orders submitted after this deadline are undertaken at the hiree's own risk.

Orders placed less than 3 working days prior to their hire start period are also at the customer's own risk. Refunds or store credits are not offered for orders placed on the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday preceding weekend hires, or for orders placed less than 3 working days in advance of the hire period start date, as insufficient time was provided to ensure early dispatch and mitigate potential delays.

If you are hiring a garment for mid-week (Monday-Thursday), you should expect to receive it 1-2 days before the selected date. In certain instances, the garment may be delivered the day of your event, contingent upon availability and whether the garment was worn the weekend preceding your booking.

Should you require the garment earlier than the hire start period, please adjust the hire start date accordingly. Refunds will not be granted if the garment fails to arrive on time unless we are notified of the circumstances.

If we see that your dress does not arrive to you on time for your event date due to delays, we will contact our account manager at NZ Post to return the dress back to sender (us) so you do not have to drop it back as you have not worn it. However if the dress still arrives to you after your event date, please let us know and send it back in the return bag provided as soon as possible.



We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty when it comes to hiring out our garments. As such, we make every effort to list any known imperfections or flaws in the garment condition description on the product page. Please note that we do not offer refunds for hires that have listed imperfections, as they have been acknowledged prior to hiring. However, we are more than happy to provide photos of the described imperfections upon request.

It's important to distinguish between label size and recommended sizing. Label size always refers to the size indicated by the dressmaker, while recommended sizing is our suggestion for the actual fit of the garment. Please be aware that we are not responsible if the recommended sizing does not accurately match your body type.

Due to the nature of a Dress Hire company, it should be understood that our garments are not expected to be in brand new condition. General wear and tear that is consistent with normal use may be present. However, we require that all of our garments remain in wearable condition with minimal damage or staining. There will always be an element to wear to our garments.

Expected wear and tear may include:

  • Micro pulls
  • Small loose threads
  • Minor knicks to fabric
  • Stitching knicks
  • Slight fraying
  • Small or unobvious markings

We consistently make an effort to document any noteworthy wear and tear in the description of the garment's condition. Our cleaning and repair processes are executed with utmost care and proficiency, however alterations to the garment's condition may transpire between the booking and hire periods. Should there be substantial changes, we will promptly communicate with you directly. For minor adjustments, we may affix notes inside the garment to apprise you of the alterations.



We meticulously clean all items after each hire, employing various methods depending on the garment's care requirements. While dry cleaning is reserved for extreme cases due to our need for rapid turnarounds, we utilize an on-site airdressing machine for comprehensive sanitization and deodorization.

Following care labels, garments undergo machine washing in wash bags, cold soaking, or airdressing, and we employ stain removal techniques when necessary. Additionally, an on-site steam ironing machine is used to ensure all garments are neatly pressed.

While we strive for minimal staining, any minor permanent marks are transparently listed in the garment conditions. However, as the condition of garments may vary with each hire, this is subject to change. We will promptly notify you of any new non-minor staining on the exterior of garments.



The customer is not permitted to modify or customize the garment in any manner upon receiving it. This prohibition includes the use of fashion or sticky tape on delicate fabrics like silk and viscose, sewing or threading for alterations to the fabric or straps, and safety pins in delicate fabrics, as they may cause damage such as holes. If the garment is delicate, a card will be sent along with the dress to notify the customer of these restrictions. Any alterations made to the garment without authorization will result in a corresponding fee.

By agreeing to hire our garment(s), you commit to treating them with care to prevent unnecessary damage. If the garment is not returned or is damaged beyond repair, you are responsible for the associated costs, including loss, destruction, or damage. This accountability extends to theft, stains, pulls, tears, major damage, disappearance, or any other incidents rendering the product unusable according to Dress Hire NZ standards. Compensation is required for replacement or repair to restore the item to its original condition suitable for hiring. Failure to adhere to instructions, such as cleaning, return, or care instructions, authorizes us to charge for repair or replacement compensation.

Dress Hire NZ Ltd can furnish a purchase receipt indicating the item's value to determine suitable compensation from you, the hirer. Items requiring complete replacement may be subject to compensation up to and including the full retail price of the garment.

By hiring a garment from us, you grant Dress Hire NZ Ltd authorization to charge the full retail value, any import taxes, and shipping costs when replacing the hired garment in the event of damages or theft as listed above. If the item cannot be replaced, the same costs will still be required.

The applicable costs will be determined reasonably at the discretion of Dress Hire NZ Ltd based on factors such as the garment's ability to be hired again, the extent of damage, the cost of repairs or cleaning, and potential loss of future hires.



By placing an order, you acknowledge that the individual named on the order is legally responsible for the item in question, and in the event of any issues, you accept this responsibility. From the moment the item is delivered or collected until its return to us, you are accountable for its safekeeping.

You commit to treating the hired item(s) with care to prevent unnecessary damage or staining. In the event that the garment is not returned or is damaged beyond use, you agree to assume responsibility and cover any necessary compensation. This includes instances such as theft, fire, stains, pulls, tears, major damage, loss of the item, or any other incidents that might result in the garment being returned in a damaged state or not returned at all.

If you receive a damaged item, not caused by you, you are required to promptly contact us upon receipt with accompanying photos. Failure to do so immediately will make you liable to pay compensation for damages upon the garment's return.

Compensation is mandatory to cover the costs of replacing, repairing, or cleaning the garment back to its original condition before your hire. In cases where the garment is irreparable or damaged beyond hire-ability, a charge of up to 150% of the retail price may be applied to account for future bookings. This compensation also encompasses loss of income for any impacted future bookings, as well as covering alterations, import taxes, and shipping costs.

Upon payment of compensation equivalent to the replacement cost or full retail price, the damaged garment will be sent to you to keep.

Failure to adhere to the instructions outlined in the hire agreement, return card, or return email instructions makes you liable for any deemed necessary compensation. This includes actions such as using your own postage for returns, utilizing drop boxes, not following garment care instructions, or making alterations or cleaning without authorization. In such cases, you authorize us to charge for repair costs, replacement costs, and/or loss of income compensation.

If attempts to address damages or staining through cleaning are initiated, the hiree is responsible for covering the full cost, irrespective of the success of these attempts. The garment's repair or cleaning will be deemed satisfactory only if it can be restored to its pre-hired condition, a determination made at our discretion.

Dress Hire NZ will assess applicable costs fairly, considering factors such as a reasonable inspection of the item, its suitability for future hires, the extent of damage, and the associated expenses for repair or cleaning, as well as potential loss of future hire income.

By hiring a garment, you grant Dress Hire NZ the authority to charge you, the hiree, for the aforementioned costs in the event of damages, staining, theft, or loss. Should the item be irreplaceable, these same costs will still be required.



Timely returns are crucial to ensure a smooth process for all customers. Returning your dress promptly is essential to avoid inconvenience to others who are eagerly awaiting their garments. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the correct return of your dress:

Use the prepaid postage slip provided for the return of your garment. Dresses exceeding the weekend hire period must be returned to an NZ Post outlet by 5 pm on the subsequent Monday at the latest.

By accepting our Dress Hire Agreement, you acknowledge that returning a garment in your own bag or using standard post, drop-boxes/streetboxes is not permitted as it leads to significant delays. In such instances, a late fee of $20 per day will be applied.

It's important to note that if you return your garment late and the tracking is not activated on the return shipping slip by 4pm on Monday, you will incur a charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) for each day the garment is overdue, up to 100% of the retail value of the dress as indicated on our website. Email and text notifications will be sent on the first and second day of your late return.

Additionally, in the event that your late return results in the cancellation of another customer's booking, you are required to compensate for the canceled hire fee. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a positive experience for all our customers.



We offer refunds for cancelled orders within 12 hours of placing the order.

To receive a full refund, please email our Logistics Manager at during this time frame. If more than 12 hours have passed since your purchase, we cannot issue a cash refund. Additionally, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for orders that have already been shipped or taken from our premises within the 12 hour period.

If your order is scheduled for a future date and has not been shipped yet, you can still cancel it and receive a store credit with the same value as your payment. Please email our Logistics Manager at to arrange a store credit. All store credits issued don't have expiry dates.



    Our policy is designed to provide fairness to both our valued customers and us as a small business. Once your order has been shipped or picked up, it is unlikely that we can rebook the garment for other customers for the same dates. Please understand that we would have already turned away other customers who may have wanted to hire that same garment for the same time period. Additionally, we have invested time in preparing the garment for hire, including cleaning, packaging, and shipping. We appreciate your support and understanding for our small business.

    Refunds will be provided in instances where a garment is severely damaged and excessively stained beyond wearability. To qualify for a refund, the dress must be returned within 24 hours of being delivered, and you must notify us within 12 hours of the garment being delivered.

    Please note that refunds will not be issued if you intend to wear the dress or if it is retained beyond the agreed-upon hire period. No other situations warrant a refund for dispatched items.

    For a refund to be considered, there must be clear evidence of eligible wear and tear, such as significant tears or excessive staining. To assess eligibility, please send pictures of any rips or staining via email. Refunds will not be granted based solely on personal preferences regarding the appearance of the dress upon receipt.

    Due to the nature of a Dress Hire company, it should be understood that our garments are not expected to be in brand new condition. General wear and tear that is consistent with normal use may be present. However, we require that all of our garments remain in wearable condition with minimal damage or staining. There will always be an element to wear to our garments.

    Expected wear and tear may include:

    • Micro pulls
    • Small loose threads
    • Minor knicks to fabric
    • Stitching knicks
    • Slight fraying
    • Small or unobvious markings

      Please be aware that decisions regarding store credits and refunds are made at the discretion of Dress Hire NZ Ltd and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

      If you utilize a store credit to place an order, monetary refunds will not be provided. In such cases, your store credit will be reissued for your use.

      Any communication regarding refunds after the hire date will not result in reimbursement, as there is no evidence that the garment was not worn.

      Refunds take 5 working days to process and 5-10 working days to clear into your bank account depending on your financial institution and whether or not you use a third-party payment provider. Buy Now Pay Later providers can take longer to clear.

      Refunds will not be granted for issues such as ill-fitting garments or dissatisfaction with the garment's appearance. It is important to recognize the inherent risk in hiring without prior fitting. For inquiries about sizing or additional information on the garment's fit, please feel free to email us at, and we will gladly assist you.


      HOW WE SHIP:

      We utilize a NZ Post eShip business account to dispatch all parcels, using NZPost as our designated carrier. Please note that NZPost operates exclusively on weekdays, unless a Saturday delivery ticket is applied. Consequently, our shipping activities are limited to weekdays. Electronic generation of labels is used upon the information provided during the checkout process.

      Garments are typically dispatched 2-3 working days before the start of your hire period except in cases of late orders.

      Upon packaging your item, a tracking number will be sent to you via email. If you haven't received your tracking number, please check your spam/junk folder in your emails. You can check your delivery estimate through the provided tracking information, which indicates the target delivery date.

      Every postage hire includes prepaid return bags for your convenience. Late orders placed before 2pm qualify for same-day posting, while orders placed after this time will be shipped the following day.

      Hirees are advised to closely monitor their parcels and promptly contact NZPost in case of any issues.



      • Overnight Courier Shipping:
        • Our NZPost overnight courier service aims for next-day delivery but does not guarantee it. Please be aware that unforeseen shipping delays may impact the item's ability to meet this estimate. While the majority of parcels reach their overnight targets, some delays may occur.
      • Rural Shipping:
        • The estimated delivery time for rural courier shipping is 2-3 days. If you have a rural address and opt not to select Rural Shipping, we cannot be held liable if the item does not arrive on time.
      • Saturday Delivery:
        • For orders placed after 2pm on Wednesday, intended for the current week/weekend with an event date on Saturday, we strongly recommend choosing Saturday delivery. Late orders with Saturday delivery tags are made at the hiree's own risk. Please note that Saturday delivery is not available for rural addresses.

      Important Note:
      We strive to provide the best service, but our ability to deliver is contingent on the postal system. While we consistently use the overnight courier, delays beyond our control may occur. Hiring garments involves inherent risks, especially when opting for NZPost as a separate contractor. We implement a 3/4 day automatic buffer around all hires to accommodate secure turnaround times. However, please be aware that extensive delays or non-compliance by previous hirees may introduce a slight element of risk.



      Unfortunately we are unable to expedite orders once they are within the NZ Post Network. For assistance with courier-related issues, please reach out to NZ Post. Notify us promptly if there are delays with the garment. Although we monitor parcels in transit, we are ready to provide any necessary support. Feel free to contact our Logistics Manager via to initiate an investigation with NZ Post for a delayed parcel.

      When contacting NZ Post, consider arranging depot pickups if your item has reached the local depot. It is crucial to urgently communicate with both us and NZ Post in the case of a missing or significantly delayed parcel. If your item is at your local depot or stuck at "ready for courier," promptly call NZ Post for a depot collection.

      Note that parcels marked 'attempted delivery,' 'ready for courier,' and/or with redirection requests are not eligible for refunds. If a delivery attempt has been made or the parcel has waited an extended period for courier collection, we recommend picking it up from the depot/post shop. Opting for redelivery or redirection is likely to result in substantial delays.

      In cases where an item is marked as delivered but cannot be located by the hiree, urgent contact with NZ Post is essential. This signifies that the item is considered delivered and is the responsibility of the hiree. Delivered parcels, with an accurate geo-tagged proof of delivery within your property boundary, place full responsibility on the hiree. Hirees must promptly take responsible and urgent action in such instances.



      We evaluate orders that do not reach their destination by the scheduled hire start date on a case-by-case basis. If your dress fails to arrive by the hire start date, please notify us promptly via email.

      Refunds will be provided if a garment has been damaged from a previous customer. Please note it can take 5 business days to process and 5-10 business days to clear back onto the card you used to place your order depending on your financial institution and whether or not you used a third-party payment provider.

      Refunds or store credits are not provided for orders placed after the Wednesday 2pm postal cutoff time, on Thursday or Friday before weekend hires, or for orders placed less than 3 full working days before the hire period starts. This policy ensures that we have sufficient time to dispatch orders earlier, minimizing potential delays.

      Refunds are not offered for orders with incorrectly declared rural addresses during the ordering process. Additionally, refunds are not provided for orders where recipients redirect the parcel in transit, as this action is undertaken at your own risk and may lead to delays.

      In cases where orders are delayed due to late returns, a full refund will be offered if the garment does not arrive on time. We will promptly inform the hiree if an item is returning late, allowing them to be aware of the situation and the late dispatch of the item.

      Orders arriving late due to NZPost delays are not eligible for refunds of shipping costs, as NZPost does not offer refunds for parcels not meeting their estimated delivery dates.

      Refunds, when deemed appropriate, will be processed only after we receive the garment back in unworn condition. The item must be posted correctly within 24 hours of receiving it.

      By agreeing to our Dress Hire Agreement, you release us from any liabilities arising from postal delays.



      In cases of theft or irreparable damage (failure to return the item after the hire period concludes or if the garment sustains damage beyond repair), you will be issued an invoice amounting to a maximum of 150% of the garment's total Recommended Retail Price (RRP) OR the determined cost of damages by Dress Hire NZ (inclusive of taxes and import costs). Additionally, you will be responsible for any income loss incurred due to the cancellation of future hires that we must undertake.

      Failure to settle these charges authorizes Dress Hire NZ to take necessary measures to seek compensation, which may involve actions such as engaging debt collection agencies, pursuing disputes tribunal proceedings, or publicly disclosing your full name. Hirees, by breaching the hire agreement/contract, waive their right to maintain the privacy of their information. Personal data provided during the order placement may discreetly be utilized for the recovery of the garment and/or seeking compensation (with the hiree's full name being the only exception). All costs associated with debt recovery will be borne by the hiree if debt collection, disputes tribunal, or legal action is deemed necessary.

      If an invoice, fee, or garment return is overdue by more than 5 working days or remains unpaid, or if we are unable to reach the hiree additional fees will be applied to the outstanding debt. Dress Hire NZ reserves the legal right to take any necessary steps, including legal action and debt collection, to obtain the required compensation or fees resulting from a breach of the terms and conditions outlined in this hire agreement.

      In instances where a customer has an outstanding debt and proceeds to place a new order, we retain the right to refuse fulfilment and cancel the new order.

      Furthermore, we reserve the right to retain the payment made for the new order as compensation for the outstanding debt.

      It is important to note that any charges or fees are in addition to any hire fees that have already been paid.



      Bulk hires are non-refundable, and they have no expiration date, allowing you the flexibility to utilize them at your convenience. This includes new arrivals on a weekly basis. Refunds will not be provided for changes of mind in this regard.



      Customers who decline payment for cleaning, repair, late fees, or engage in making fraudulent claims about missing or late garments to secure a refund or steal an item will face a ban from accessing all Dress Hire NZ services. Additionally, such instances will be reported to the police. Dress Hire NZ retains the authority to ban customers who exhibit animosity or disrespect towards our team.



      Prices for our garments are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the product without notice at any time.

      We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change or discontinuation for this product.



      At Dress Hire NZ Ltd, we adhere to stringent quality control measures, consistently ensuring our garments are in their best condition. Each item undergoes meticulous care, including ironing, steaming, pampering, and preening, before being dispatched to the next customer. We commit to providing the accurate garment as per the booking, in the correct size and color, and ensure it reaches you on or before the selected date.



      Once the garment has been delivered, you are solely responsible for it's safety - please look after the garment as we pride ourselves in keeping them immaculate for the next customer to enjoy.

      You, the Hiree have an obligation to (but not limited to):

      • Take care of the garment to the best of your ability.
      • Do not alter or wash the garment.
      • Pay compensation when required by breach of our Dress Hire Agreement which you agreed too by clicking "I have read, understood, and agreed to your Terms and Conditions" at checkout.
      • Return the garment¬†on time.



      The payment methods offered by Dress Hire NZ Ltd through our secure checkout system includes:

      • Visa
      • Mastercard
      • American Express
      • ZipPay
      • Apple Pay
      • Shopify Pay
      • Google Pay
      • AfterPay
      • ZipPay
      • Laybuy
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