Our policy is designed to provide fairness to both our valued customers and us as a small business. Once your order has been shipped or picked up, it is unlikely that we can rebook the garment for other customers for the same dates. Please understand that we would have already turned away other customers who may have wanted to hire that same garment for the same time period. Additionally, we have invested time in preparing the garment for hire, including cleaning, packaging, and shipping. We appreciate your support and understanding for our small business.

Refunds will be provided in instances where a garment is severely damaged and excessively stained beyond wearability. To qualify for a refund, the dress must be returned within 24 hours of being delivered, and you must notify us within 12 hours of the garment being delivered.

Please note that refunds will not be issued if you intend to wear the dress or if it is retained beyond the agreed-upon hire period. No other situations warrant a refund for dispatched items.

For a refund to be considered, there must be clear evidence of eligible wear and tear, such as significant tears or excessive staining. To assess eligibility, please send pictures of any rips or staining via email. Refunds will not be granted based solely on personal preferences regarding the appearance of the dress upon receipt.

Due to the nature of a Dress Hire company, it should be understood that our garments are not expected to be in brand new condition. General wear and tear that is consistent with normal use may be present. However, we require that all of our garments remain in wearable condition with minimal damage or staining. There will always be an element to wear to our garments.

Expected wear and tear may include:

  • Micro pulls
  • Small loose threads
  • Minor knicks to fabric
  • Stitching knicks
  • Slight fraying
  • Small or unobvious markings

    Please be aware that decisions regarding store credits and refunds are made at the discretion of Dress Hire NZ Ltd and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    If you utilize a store credit to place an order, monetary refunds will not be provided. In such cases, your store credit will be reissued for your use.

    Any communication regarding refunds after the rental date will not result in reimbursement, as there is no evidence that the garment was not worn.

    Refunds will not be granted for issues such as ill-fitting garments or dissatisfaction with the garment's appearance. It is important to recognize the inherent risk in renting without prior fitting. For inquiries about sizing or additional information on the garment's fit, please feel free to email us at and we will gladly assist you.

    Refunds will not be granted if you place an order for a postal try-on and by the time you try it on if it gets booked out for the event date you were wanting to hire the dress for - this is the risk you take when wanting to do a postal try-on before hiring something. In cases where your desired garment does get booked out, we offer a non-expiring store credit equal to your postal try-on fee.



    We evaluate orders that do not reach their destination by the scheduled rental start date on a case-by-case basis. If your dress fails to arrive by the rental start date, please notify us promptly via email.

    Refunds or store credits are not provided for orders placed after the Wednesday 3pm postal cutoff time, on Thursday or Friday before weekend rentals, or for orders placed less than 3 full working days before the rental period starts. This policy ensures that we have sufficient time to dispatch orders earlier, minimizing potential delays.

    No refunds will be provided if your rental arrives on the day of your event, and you have already departed for the occasion, as courier delays are beyond our control. In such cases, we extend a store credit as an alternative.

    Refunds are not offered for orders with incorrectly declared rural addresses during the ordering process. Additionally, refunds are not provided for orders where recipients redirect the parcel in transit, as this action is undertaken at your own risk and may lead to delays.

    In cases where orders are delayed due to late returns, a full refund will be offered if the garment does not arrive on time. We will promptly inform the renter if an item is returning late, allowing them to be aware of the situation and the late dispatch of the item.

    Orders arriving late due to NZPost delays are not eligible for refunds of shipping costs, as NZPost does not offer refunds for parcels not meeting their estimated delivery dates.

    If we see that your dress does not arrive to you on time for your event date due to delays, we will contact our account manager at NZ Post to return the dress back to sender (us) so you do not have to drop it back as you have not worn it. However if the dress still arrives to you after your event date, please let us know and send it back in the return bag provided as soon as possible.

    Refunds take 5 working days to process and 5-10 working days to clear into your bank account depending on your financial institution.

    By agreeing to our Dress Hire Agreement, you release us from any liabilities arising from postal delays.

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